Building TRC – Help Contribute to “OUR” Club

January 4, 2020

Building TRC – Message from Garrett Power — Parent Representative



Donations can be made via the TRC web store HERE.


From speaking to many of you as fellow members and parents, I know that you share my excitement about these developments at TRC.  But most importantly that we should all, as members, feel that they are “our” facilities and it is “our” clubhouse, representing something that we can all feel very proud of achieving as a group.  The club has committed the funds to purchase the various new structures, but as a members group, we would like to raise funds to add the extras, making it more comfortable and more ours, as well as replenishing some of the committed funds to help keep the club on a stable basis for the future.  One way to make it feel like our club is for every family to buy a ‘brick’ in the new clubhouse.




By buying a brick you get to put your family name on a cladding brick on the outside of the containerised clubhouse which will stay there forever, thus “Building TRC”.  We will organise a day where every family can sign their brick and get pictures of the event for posterity.  Hopefully, people think this is a good way of buying into ownership of our club.

This means we are looking for donations from members.  Anything, small, medium, or large will be gladly accepted, recognising the times we are in.  This is in appreciation of what a wonderful place TRC is for our children; the fun they have, friendships they make, and the amazing commitment shown by many volunteers that help make TRC what it is.  Being a true rugby club means what you put in, you get out.  I think we all recognise that we all get loads out of TRC.

Any donations of $100 or above will get a family brick.  The web store is set up so you can choose an amount of contribution in units, you can buy multiple units if you would like to contribute more (but you still get one brick, as members, we are all equal).  Cheques or cash donations can also be made and given to TRC Treasurer, Ian Gibbs or Membership Secretary, Kim Power, on Sunday mornings at training.

Any member interested in Corporate sponsorship can talk to Patrick Jelfs, Ian Gibbs, or Garrett Power by email to

Again we recognise the times we are in, but would really appreciate any and all contributions.

Questions are welcomed, please email  if you have any

We are in the “Building TRC” phase to make our club even better than the amazing club it is today.

Please be part of that.