Parent Teams at TRC

TRC Touch MAD (Mums & Dads)

Training at TRC – times differ due to Covid-19

If you would like to come along and learn how to play touch and even be part of the team who compete in Division D of the TAS League in 2018 then please join us at training.

Targeted at the parents of all TRC children who are interested to learn the game of Touch Rugby with no prior rugby experience being required.  We normally train each Sunday morning, often alongside the Girls Touch Teams and each session ends in game time.

The TAS League games will be played Saturday afternoon around 5:00 pm.


The TRC Coffin Dodgers team was formed over the summer of 2016. Originally restricted to the coaches of the club, in recent times this has been extended to those who can show a genuine connection and contribution to TRC on a regular basis whether this is coaching or any other volunteer activity.

Since its formation, the team has had a strict no training policy. However, since we have now bonded so much we are beginning to think a Friday night training session would be a good idea. There is an awful lot of beer to get through after the game on a Saturday and you simply cannot do that without putting in a lot of practice.

Playing in the TAS League since their formation, ‘the Dodgers’ have managed to get to the playoffs most campaigns and have maintained their style of being graceful in allowing other teams to be promoted. We are semi-serious on the pitch, as a courtesy to the opposition, but social and fun are the best words to describe this team.

If you meet the above requirementsand are interested in the 2018 season please contact: Tony Chapman at

TRC Old Dogs, New Tricks

For the old dogs who still feel they have some gas left in the tank. And for the new tricks who think it’s time to show the old dogs a thing or two.

Or put simply it is a team for families to play a sport we love together on a level playing field. A perfectly balanced team – allowing the old dogs to impart great skill and wisdom – and for the new tricks to take over when the fitness wanes for the older generation.

Old Dogs, New Tricks is open to any parent and player (13 and over) who is playing or coaching or just involved generally at TRC for any team.

We welcome mums, dads, sons and daughters. As long as there is at least one parent and one child per family then you qualify!

Experience with the oval ball preferred, but newbies to touch are welcome. We do some training pre-matches and also on some Sundays in January as preparation to enter a team in the 2018 TAS League.

At this stage, we know some parents will want to double up and play for other TRC teams (ie Dodgers, Dragons, and MADS) – which is fine. Subs we will work out once we have confirmed numbers.

Please contact the Old Dog, Chris at