Rugby at TRC

Rugby at TRC is divided into Minis, Junior, and Youth Rugby categories, with each group following development and training practices built around World Rugby standards.  All of our 100+ rugby coaches are at least IRB Level 1 qualified.

Age groups U5 – U10 are supported by the Director of Junior Rugby, Nic Vogel, while age groups U11 – U17 have a Director of Rugby, Jaimie McBain.  Both of these roles are to oversee the development of rugby within the club.

Providing access to more rugby is a priority at TRC.  We demonstrate this by the organisation and running of three rugby tournaments through the year with the TRC Junior Cup for U6 – U10, the Rentokil Initial TRC Cup for U11 and above and the  Girls Rugby TRC Cup for the female players.  The Club is very proud of how successful the three tournaments have been and continue to find ways to diversify and grow the competition with teams coming from Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to compete. Having a strong competition raises the skill level across all the age groups.

Over the last few years TRC has also funded teams from Cambodia and India to participate in our tournaments thanks to the generosity of our members.

Read more about the various TRC Cups by clicking HERE.

Pathways for Player Development

Across all age groups, there is a pathway development program that is structured to ensure each player develops the basic skills to be able to participate and enjoy the game of rugby.

Each year we have identified the next skill or level of skill that is to be developed such that when players reach the oldest age group with the Professional Coaches they all have the foundation in place that enables them to really develop as rugby players.

By using the pathway in training sessions that include skill development and appropriate games to further hone those skills, players get exposed to testing their skill and decision making.  At TRC we realise all players want to play rugby and not just practice.  Being in game situations is an important part of player development.

At TRC we look to ensure when players return to their home countries they are well skilled to fold easily into their next development program.  It has often been the case that players are at such a skill level when they return to their home country that they later go on to challenge in Under-Age National representation.

Player pathway and development of all rugby skills are an integral part of the player development program at TRC.

The Pathway program stages:


Each stage has a core set of competencies both skill and athletic based required to move to the next stage in the players ‘rugby life’.

Junior Rugby Clubs of Singapore League

TRC is a founding member of the Junior Rugby Clubs of Singapore (JRCS) which is a league based tournament run in the first six months of the year from U10 upwards.  TRC home games are normally on Saturday mornings at the TRC pitches.

Formed in 2014, TRC has been successful each year with a number of our age groups reaching and winning the finals.  The format of the competition provides our rugby players a more regular opportunity to experience game competition.

The younger age groups also have their own mini league tournament spread over a shorter number of weeks.

Tournaments and Tours

As a Club, we participate in all the clubs competitions in Singapore and attend competitions in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Specific age groups have toured to Sri Lanka, Bali, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Australia and we regularly host touring schools and clubs from Australia, Hong Kong, India and the UK.

In 2023 age groups have already conducted two rugby community focused trips to Cambodia and a whole club tour (over 600 people) to the KL Tigers Tournament in Malaysia.

Collaboration with UFIT

UFIT is a premier fitness company set up in Singapore by James Forrester (ex-England
International). In collaboration with UFIT, we use their highly qualified rugby coaches to
deliver our in-house coach development programs, deliver age-appropriate training sessions and specialised clinics to hone key skills.

Having access to UFIT coaches and their wealth of knowledge ensure both the TRC coaches and players are all exposed to the latest developments in the game.