Touch Rugby at TRC

TRC Touch welcomes girls that are keen to play Touch Rugby from the age of 8 all the way up to U19.  We do not currently have touch training for boys but would love to offer this if there was demand – reach out to us and we can try to get something started!

At TRC we currently have just over 200 girls participating in Touch every Sunday at the Tanglin Rugby pitches. The training sessions are great fun, a brilliant way to make new friends, and you will be coached to the highest standards in order to develop the necessary Touch playing skills to be a Touch Rugby player!

The coaches are the parents of players on the younger teams, which gives TRC Touch its unique family atmosphere, but at each age group we have a minimum of one Technical Coach who has played Touch to a high standard. For the older age groups we employ Professional Coaches to provide the necessary expertise for our players and to also provide an additional learning resource for our coaches.  In addition, bi-annually we have specialised coaches visit TRC travelling from Australia, the leading Touch nation in the world, for coach-the-coach training, focussing on the latest skills, techniques and strategy. This approach benefits all players at TRC where the knowledge is applied to future training plans for their own age groups.

Our commitment to Touch Rugby in Singapore is demonstrated by the organisation and hosting of the annual TRC Touch Tournament. We have seen increasing numbers in player particpation and are providing an environment where our players are playing against a more diverse

Find out more about the TRC Touch Tournament HERE.

Touch Rugby Pathway


U10 is a fun introduction to Touch, where we start teaching core skills of passing and evasion and when the children are ready they enter into friendly tournaments in their age group.


In the U12 age group, we introduce intermediate techniques, structure and tactics and the girls continue to participate in age group competition.


In the U14 age group the children continue to participate in age group competition but in addition, when a player turns 13 they are allowed to participate in the Touch Singapore (TSG) League, which is an open age competition.  If a player feels comfortable and confident we encourage and support this transition into an adult league.  Participating in more games at this level provides a player with the opportunity to learn more complex moves and game strategy.

AT TRC we have numerous U14 teams playing in the TSG (previously TAS) League.

U16 – U19

This age group train and play in four teams and have the benefit of numerous expert coaches.  The Amazons TSG Womens B Grade Champions 2019 has had a number of girls go onto gain junior and open age international honors for a number of countries.

TRC had four teams form the U16/19T age group play in the TSG league in 2022 and we look forward to participating again in 2023.