Sweep the Sheds

February 20, 2020

TRC doing it properly.

Dunedin 2010, All Blacks changing room having just beat Wales 42-9…

‘Graham Henry congratulates McCaw on becoming the most successful captain in All Blacks history then tells the team there’s work to be done, a lot of work to be done….two of the senior players – one an international player of the year, twice – each pick up a long-handled broom and begin to sweep the sheds…they brush the mud and gauze into small piles in the corner….While the country is still watching replays and school kids lie in bed dreaming of All Black’s glory, the All Blacks themselves are tidying up after themselves.’ – Legacy, What All Blacks can teach us about the business of life by James Kerr

Sweeping the sheds.

Doing it properly.

So no one else has to.

Because no one looks after the All Blacks.  The All Blacks look after themselves’.


Throughout the club from the tots to the adults, TRC strives for this mentality.

Players, supported by the adults and coaches, must:

  • Tidy up after themselves, chairs and especially litter – we have bought lots of new bins which are now all around the fields
  • Put kit away – balls in bags, cones picked up, poles and pads away
  • Don’t assume that someone else will do it.
  • Understand that this is an important part of being a rugby player and a member of Tanglin Rugby Club.

A copy of Legacy is available to borrow for any adult or kid that is interested and hasn’t read it.

– Lee Harle, TRC Club President