TRC Cup Rugby Tournaments

The TRC Cup tournaments are a great testament to Tanglin Rugby Club’s commitment to developing rugby in Singapore, and we’re delighted to organise and host such an event which has the whole community at its core, bringing together players, families, and supporters from around the region.

– TRC Club President –

Post Covid-19, we are delighted to be back hosting 4 tournaments during 2023. 

20th-21st May 2023  – The TRC Junior Cup for U5 – U10 inclusive

29th/30th Sept-1st October 2023 – The Rentokil Initial TRC Cup Rugby 15s Tournament for U11 and above

18th November 2023 – The Girls Rugby TRC Cup 

25th-26th November 2023 – Clifford Chance Touch Tournament

If you have any questions regarding future Tournaments, please contact us at

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Rentokil Initial TRC Cup Rugby Tournament – U11 and above

Rentokil Initial TRC Cup for U11 and above is a 15-a-side rugby tournament at the TRC Pitches Singapore.

After a successful number of years where teams in the U11 and above category played a 15 a-side competition, the TRC tournament will continue to offer this format for 2023.

In 2023 the tournament will be for the U11 and above age groups who will play 15s Rugby. The tournament will be held in Singapore with the event being held over 3 days – Friday will be evening only and only for the older age groups

Age Groups
*U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U17 – 15–a-side full pitch format – max squad size 23

Age Groups are defined by Year of Birth in 2023 –
U11 – 2012
U12 – 2011
U13 – 2010
U14 – 2009
U15 – 2008
U17 – 2006 and 2007

When: 30th September-1st October 2023

For more information contact:

Download the 2022 Tournament Rules and RegulationsTRC Cup 2022 Tournament Rules

Download the 2022 Tournament Rules SummarySnapshot rules for TRC Cup 2022 (070922)

Download the SRU and NSG Laws – 15 aside matches – SRU and NSG Laws – 15 aside matches

Download the JRCS Rules 2019JRCS Competition Rule 2019

Download the Pitch LayoutTRC Cup 2022 – Grounds Map 2022 v1

Bus drop-offDirections for Bus Drop Off and Walking

Please note that NO buses are to be taken around the one-way road to TRC – they will get stuck!

ParkingParking TRC Cup

Info for Team Managers


Each Head Coach or Team Manager must register their team at the Operations Tent at least 45 minutes before their first game.


All Tournament details, including schedule of play, results, tournament rules, general information and any changes that may affect you will be updated on our scoring system – TeamSnap Tournaments


All queries can be directed to any of the Tournament’s Operations team who will be available around the grounds or at the Control Desk by the soft drinks.


Ensure your team supports the Pitch Marshal Volunteers by listening to their directives and have your team ready for their next game so they can take to the pitch before the completion of play. All requests by Pitch Marshals to remove players and / or supporters from an area of play must be abided to. Pitch Marshals are our volunteers and an important part of ensuring the schedule of play is kept on time.


All players compete at their own risk however qualified First Aid staff will be available throughout the tournament – located in the First Aid and Medical tent and with eyes on all games. Managers & Players should pay specific attention to the following:-

• Microsporidia: Owing to recent cases of Microsporidia (an eye infection) at various locations around Singapore it is highly recommended that all players frequently wash their faces & eyes to remove any mud. The medics will help with this as required.

• Sun Exposure: Please be sure to protect all players against sunburn

• Dehydration: It’s a long day so make sure all players drink plenty of water. Players with headache, dizziness, stomach ache or any other complaints may be dehydrated and are in danger of heat exhaustion which can be serious. They must be rested, cooled down, rehydrated and observed.

• Abrasions/infections: The best way to prevent skin infections is to clean wounds! The First Aid team can help with this.


In the event of lightning all matches will be suspended. All players, managers, referees and spectators should immediately take cover in the nearest tent. The event organisers will determine when (if at all) it is safe for play to resume. Please do not allow players to run around outside during lightning storms.


We will try very hard to stick to the match schedule, however, as a result of bad weather or other reasons, it may become necessary to adjust the schedule.

The tournament will be using TeamSnap Tournaments for schedule, results and messaging.

  • The Playing Schedule and results will be available online at
  • To download the TeamSnap Tournaments app, go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to find app:

1. Google Play Store –

2. Apple App Store –

In app, sign in using this your email address and follow our tournament, Rentokil Initial TRC Cup 2022 Rugby 15s Tournament

Now you can favourite your team, see division schedules, and can receive real-time scores, updates, and notifications. You can also see results on the web here.

Please note that you will not receive real-time alerts unless you are on the app.

Listen out for announcements to be sure that your team is in the right place at the right time.


Please ensure that your team stays for their age groups’ prizegiving, even if you have not won a prize. It is only sporting to those who have won.


Ensure that all players, coaches and especially parents adhere to the proper code of conduct. The decisions of match officials are final and must be respected. All concerns can be made to the TRC Cup Tournament Director at the Control Desk.


Please ensure that you inform the tournament organizer if you have a qualified medic on your coaching staff so we can advise our own medics. In the event of an injury the tournament medics decision on treatment is final and overrides any involvement or opinion from the relevant team’s medic.

11. HAVE FUN!!

Having fun is incredibly important to us at TRC. It has been proven in many an international study that kids will stay with their sport if they are having fun – as a coach, a team manager or for parents, please ensure this is reinforced over the TRC Cup weekend.

Directions to the Stadium

Directions to TRC Stadium, Turf City, Singapore

Location: Turf City is located off the Dunearn / Bukit Timah Road, on the side of Dunearn Road.

For those not familiar – the road is a dual lane road, called Bukit Timah Road in the East to West direction , and Dunearn Road in the West to East direction.

Directions by Coach: For all Teams.

There are 2 coach drop off points at Turf City located at Rainforest Sports Hub. Please note there is no parking for coaches at Turf City, coaches must leave and return to collect teams.

  • From Dunearn Road take the left turning for Turf Club Road
  • Follow the road until just before the main car park / covered football pitches, then turn right (sign posted to the Sports Park)
  • Then take the first left towards the Rainforest Sports Hub (both are well sign posted)
  • Players can then walk to the TRC Stadium, via the entrance by the Rainforest Sports Hub
  • Please note – coaches should under no circumstances attempt to drive around the main Turf City perimeter road as they will not fit through. This is for emergency services access only.

Directions by Car: For all Teams.

  • From Dunearn Road take the left turning for Turf Club Road
  • Follow the road ahead and you will see the main Grandstand car park directly ahead. This is to be used for all cars without exception. The Turf City perimeter road has to be kept clear for the emergency services and no parking is permitted under any circumstances.

Car park to TRC Stadium

  • The main car park to the TRC Stadium is approx an 8-10 minute walk.
  • Looking towards the old racecourse grandstand you will be heading to the right end of it. Please follow the signs indicating the way to the TRC Stadium.
TRC Code of Conduct

Tanglin Rugby Club Code of Conduct

All players, parents, spectators, coaches and team officials are expected to adhere to the Tanglin Rugby Club Codes of Conduct.   Respecting the Code of Conduct is a condition of Club membership and tournament participation.

Coach Code of Behaviour

  • Positively reinforce the actions of players.
  • Lead by example.
  • Be honest with yourself and players.
  • Create an enjoyable environment in which to play the game.
  • Develop team respect for referees.
  • Give all players the opportunity to participate in the game.
  • Insist on fair play and discipline.
  • Encourage sportsmanship.
  • Refrain from criticism of, or reaction to, the referee’s judgment and decisions and ensure the players do so at all times.
  • Refrain from over-zealous coaching from the touchline.
  • Enforce Safe Rugby, Scrum Ready rules and Concussion rules must be followed at all times
  • Ensure that your behaviour at all times does not bring the Club into disrepute and is consistent with the principles of good sporting behaviour.

Spectator/Parent Code of Behaviour

  • Applaud the performance of both teams.
  • Be positive with the referee.
  • Acknowledge the efforts of the referee.
  • Let players play their game, not your game.
  • Praise efforts, not results. I LOVE WATCHING YOU PLAY
  • Set an example for the players.
  • Ensure that your behaviour at all times does not bring the club into disrepute and is consistent with the principles of good sporting behaviour.
  • Be courteous in your communication with players, team officials, match officials and all members of the club
  • Refrain from criticism of, or reaction to, the referee’s judgment and decisions and ensure the players do so at all times

Player Code of Behaviour

  • Play for enjoyment. Have Fun
  • Play hard but fair.
  • Play by the laws of the game.
  • Be committed to your team. Attend all practices and matches.
  • Never argue with the referee. Control your temper at all times.
  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team.
  • Be a good sport. Applaud all good play whether by your team or your opponent.
  • The goals of the game are to have fun, improve your skills and feel good.
  • Ensure that your behaviour at all times does not bring the Club into disrepute and is consistent with the principles of good sporting behaviour.

Any transgressions of the Codes of Conduct, by players both on and off the field, or inappropriate Spectator, Volunteer, Parent or Coaching Staff conduct at matches or during training sessions, will result in disciplinary action being considered by the Committee or Tournament Director.

A serious breach of the Tanglin Rugby Club Codes of Conduct may lead to suspension and ultimately exclusion from the club.

Touring Ethos

We are on tour to develop the quality of play and sportsmanship through more competitive games, mixing with fellow team members and representing the club from start to finish.  We are all a collective group of people whose actions come to showcase the community aspect of our great club.  It is important to remember that this is an “Under Age” tour with player, coach and supporter alike, being representatives of the Club; our behaviour and consideration for other players, clubs and the general public should be thus geared accordingly.

As such, no person under the age of 18 years is to consume alcohol.  All adults will continue to be responsible with alcohol and set a good example in front of our junior members.

TRC Cup Junior Rugby Tournament – U6 to U10

Tanglin Rugby Club hosted the TRC Junior Cup again in May 2023.   This is always an exciting event as we have a whole tournament designed specifically for our junior rugby players – we first broke away for the Senior Cup in 2016.  In 2023 we had nearly 90 teams, approximately 1,000 players attend over the weekend
This tournament is for them!

U6s – U10s 2024 TRC Cup Junior Tournament – Date to be confirmed but likely May
The tournament is expected to run between 8:00 am – 3:00 pm both days of the weekend.

U5s Rugby Festival – Saturday Morning TRC Junior Cup
This is an event for U5s where specific skills stations will be set up and run by a coach from each of the Singapore clubs. The players will focus on rugby skills – teamwork, tagging, running the ball – in a fun way divided into small groups. The groups will be mixed so each player has the best opportunity to make new friends from other clubs.
*Running on the Saturday morning of the tournament
*4 theme stations
*10 games
*TRC Rugby Festival Participation medals

There will be a lot of other activities and events happening, we encourage you all to join in!!
For more information, please contact:

The Girls Rugby TRC Cup – U10 to U18

We were very disappointed to have to cancel the 4th Annual Girls Rugby TRC Cup in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19 but were delighted to be able to finally hold the tournament on December 3rd 2022.

This year the All-Girls TRC Cup will be held on November 18th 2023.

Again the tournament will be open to girls teams in the U10 to U18 age groups and we will be endeavouring to support teams from overseas again when possible.

Please contact the team at for more details and to be added to the mailing list for tournament information.

Previous Tournaments:

On Saturday 7th December 2019, TRC hosted the Singlife Girls Rugby TRC Cup with 450 girls aged 8 to 18 competing at TRC grounds at Turf City.

In 2019 the Singapore and Hong Kong rugby communities supported teams from Bali, Jakarta, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam which made the tournament a truly international festival for girls rugby.

This was the third year of hosting a dedicated girls contact rugby tournament and TRC were delighted that so many teams from across SEA joined us.  Special thanks to the Tanglin rugby community who also hosted many of the overseas teams in their own homes.

Founder and CEO of Singlife, Walter de Oude, added that “Singlife is proud to be supporting the Singlife Girls Rugby TRC Cup for the second year running. Beyond being just a sports event, the TRC Cup is unifying athletes from around the world with the love of rugby, creating an occasion to celebrate teamwork, sportsmanship and gender equality – values that Singlife embraces.”

The tournament had the following teams competing: Tanglin Rugby Club, Valkyries, Singapore Cricket Club, Centaurs, Titans, Aonyxs, Hong Kong Football Club, Valley Fort, Sandy Bay, Sai Kung Stingrays, Flying Kukris, Kampuchea Balopp (Cambodia), Lao Rugby Federation, Davao Durians (Philippines), Jakarta Dragons, Dewi Thunders (Bali) and Kim Boi Wildcat Juniors (Vietnam).