Volunteer Roles at TRC

January 29, 2020

How you can help at TRC


Professional Groundperson, Greenkeeper or Garden Enthusiast

TRC is proud to exclusively be able to offer to a lucky volunteer the exciting opportunity to cultivate over 4 hectares of prime real estate!

Where else could you get the opportunity to create your own Chelsea Flower show in Bukit Timah?

With the successful drainage project completed a few years ago, and Ben’s recent return to the UK (thank you again Ben!), there is a need for someone to oversee the overall pitch maintenance for the club.

With the pitches receiving continuous use, we have commissioned independent advice on how best to manage the pitches going forward.

This programme involves fertilising, spiking, resodding, pitch rest and rotation, (and especially those well worn 5m lines from Saturday touch and Sunday morning training).

There is a groundsman engaged by the club who performs the day to day routines of grass cutting,  fertilising, marking etc, so you do not need to get involved in this aspect of the grounds maintenance (unless of course, you’d like to!)

The need is more about overseeing the periodic check on the pitches and what they require and being the point of contact for this maintenance.

Anyone who is a keen gardener, or just a keen volunteer would be much appreciated to take this up

Please email membership@trc.sg if you interested to discuss further, find out more or volunteer straight up!


TRC Communications 

If you would like to volunteer for a role that is all about communicating and telling everyone how great TRC is and requires a bit of time during the week, a computer and some social media interaction then this role would be perfect for you!

We are after a volunteer to take on the club communications responsibility that is made up of:

  • Managing the TRC Facebook and Instagram accounts (with close to 1500 followers and growing); the TRC Facebook group
  • Putting together the club wide newsletter periodically
  • Capturing moments around the pitches and across the club to help promote the club.  There is fantastic support from other parent photographers and TRC engages an event photographer when required
  • Updating the TRC website when required – we are now using WordPress and it is super easy!
  • Help administrate TeamSnap

If you would like to take on this volunteer role please email Alison at communications@trc.sg